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Woodsmoke & Pumpkin 3 Wick Scented Candle

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Color:  Warm Taupe

Scent:   Vanilla bean, Ripe harvest pumpkin, Roasted coffee bean and Aged Oak.

Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Nutmeg, Cade, and Patchouli

Number of Items:  1

Burn Time:  Up to 40 Hours

Material:  Soy Wax Blend

Seasons:  Everyday / Fall

Special Feature:  Clean Burn, Highly Scented, Long Lasting Burn

Size/Wick:  12.5 oz / 3 Wick

Item Weight:  2 Pounds

Product Dimensions:  4"W x 3.5"


Embrace the essence of autumn with the rich, comforting blend of gently smoked vanilla bean, ripe harvest pumpkin, and subtle notes of roasted coffee bean and aged oak.

Crafted with essential oils of cedarwood, nutmeg, cade, and patchouli, this candle offers a deep, woodsy aroma complemented by the warmth of spices.

It features a highly scented, 3-wick configuration in a uniquely embellished glass jar, adorned with a stylish metal lid that enhances the decor of any room.

Enjoy guaranteed long-lasting fragrance with a burn time of up to 40 hours from the 12.5 oz. soy blend wax for a cozy atmosphere around the clock.

Our candle contributes to an enjoyable home environment and is made with 100% lead-free wicks for a safer, cleaner burning experience.

Proudly crafted in the USA, this round, soy blend wax candle is perfect for adding a warm and inviting scent to your home, regardless of the season.

Woodsmoke & Pumpkin 3 Wick Scented Candle
Woodsmoke & Pumpkin 3 Wick Scented Candle
Woodsmoke & Pumpkin 3 Wick Scented Candle
Woodsmoke & Pumpkin 3 Wick Scented Candle
Woodsmoke & Pumpkin 3 Wick Scented Candle

Product Details

Welcome the cozy fall ambiance into your home all year round with the Habersham Candle Woodsmoke & Pumpkin 3 Wick Scented Jar Candle. This 12.5 oz. masterpiece, lovingly crafted in the USA, perfectly captures the essence of autumn with its sophisticated blend of smoked vanilla and harvest pumpkin, enriched with a hint of roasted coffee beans and aged oak. Natural essential oils like cedarwood, nutmeg, cade, and patchouli offer a comforting and enveloping aroma. Warm taupe wax encased in an embellished glass jar with a chic metal lid, our candle fills your space with a captivating scent and is a stylish decor piece. This soy blend wax candle promises a memorable and long-lasting fragrance experience, ideal for those chilly evenings or any time you wish to add warmth to your surroundings. Perfect as a thoughtful gift or a special treat for yourself, it's a wonderful addition to any home.